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2019 MCCG Co-chairs Marie & Julian


As of April 21st 2015 the MCCG has joined the East Side Riders (ESR) family of cyclists. The MCCG will operate independently as an ESR sub-committee co-chaired by Julian Lunardi and Marie Colarossi. All club rides will be Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) approved.  Meaning that if you wish to be part of the MCCG you must request membership with ESR at .  You will then receive an invitation to come out on a "newbie" ride where we asses your skill level. Once approved you will receive a link to join ESR ($25 before March 31st and $50 after) and then purchase OCA club insurance ($42) to ride in our sanctioned events.    

Enjoying life 100 km at a time

The Metric Century Cycling Group (MCCG) was established in 2013 and welcomes local passionate road cyclist. The MCCG was created to challenge and promote a cycling experience where one could improve their cycling skill-set, strength, fitness & performance, while at the same time having safe fun with fellow cyclists.

Who is the MCCG?

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The MCCG is a group that operate under the East Side Rider's Cycling Club.  We are a social group of people who have one thing in common, we love to ride our bicycles.  The MCCG, it's co-chair persons and its co-founders are in no way responsible for any damages, injuries or even deaths that may occur on our rides or group events.  Every cyclist is riding at his or her own risk.  Cycling is a dangerous sport since it is carried out on routes where riders will share the road with vehicular traffic.  Riders must be 19 years or older or must be accompanied by a responsible guardian.  Helmets must be worn on all our rides.