What Is CKAP

CKAP is a incentive program offered by the Canadian Kilometer Achiever Program. Our goal is to inspire all cyclists in Canada and beyond to ride and reach their goal, in improved health and lifestyle. 

The program grew out of the vision of one man, Tom Parry, who metaphorically challenged all cyclist to join teams, cycling from all parts of Canada to the 1976 Montreal Olympics . 

You can set yourself distance goals each year and work to achieve them. Each kilometer you cycle adds to your CKAP total. The kilometers keep building for you and for everyone in the program. Up to the end of the year 2017 , participants have logged 31,369,076 kilometers.


Contact us if you wish to join Team MCCG in this National Challenge



The Canadian Kilometer Achiever Program

challenges you to improve your health and lifestyle
while enjoying our lifetime cycling programs. 

Members have cycled 31,369,076 CKAP registered kilometers since 1975. 

Register - Lifetime Membership - No Annual Fees 
Canada = $30.00 Canadian funds 

Pay only for awards earned in the CKAP Incentive Program 
1,000 to 25,000 cumulative km as earned when sending in your annual cycling logs.

Free keeper plaque at each 100,000 km level. 

The following MCCG members have joined CKAP and united as a group to compete Nationally. In 2016 they have logged 75,788 km and placed 3rd in Canada for the second year in a row. If you wish to join our team click on the CKAP link and register under "Team MCCG" and help us increase our annual group total. Our 2017 Team placed 2nd in Canada with 87,933 km :

  • Joe Scandale #1446
  • Maria Derubeis #1457
  • Julian Lunardi #1442
  • Wayne Lessard #461
  • Tanya Mask #1161
  • Troy Whittle #1448
  • Geoff Owen #1450
  • ​Karen Merlo #1452
  • Dean Getty​ #1454
  • Marie Colarossi #1443
  • David Blain #1445
  • Piere Boulos #1455
  • ​Ralph Pugliese #1449
  • Harry VandenBrink #1474
  • ​Steve Tymczac #1479
  • Heather Vendrasco #1475
  • ​Andrew Vendrasco #1473
  • ​Oliver Mio #1476
  • ​Darcy Hageth #1480
  • ​Robert Thibert #1477
  • ​Andrea Lucier #1451
  • ​Todd Haig #1478

Awarded to the Cycling Club - Network - Group with highest CKAP annual km.

This award recognizes the collective participation of cycling. A free keeper plaque and certificate is awarded to the cycling club, network or group that has the highest annual CKAP registered km. Cyclist must choose one cycling club in which they were a member for their km to count towards the Hewes Club Challenge. Each club or group must have a minimum of 3 CKAP members to count towards a win. Clubs with less than three CKAP members' logs will be listed after those that have the minimum 3 CKAP members and cannot win regardless of their total km. Please remember to include this information on your yearly cycling log.

This award was intended to get more club members involved in CKAP.

There will be only one Hewes Challenge Trophy for all programs. As a member of CKAP you will be able to count your annual km towards any cycling club's that you may belong to.