OUR 2019 Sponsors

For 2019 we will have only one key sponsor on our jersey: Caboto Club. We will carry our two bike shops that sponsored our 2016 Christmas Party and continuously discount us and help us with our new kit designs: Cycle Culture and Ambassador Bike Shop. We also recognize Infinit Nutrition Canada for their support and discounts to members.

Individual and Team Goals

As an individual cyclist you should set your goals accordingly.  For example a beginner may choose to set their goal to complete their first metric century as well as log 1500-2000 kilometers for the season.  Our intermediate cyclists typically complete at least 4 metric centuries and log over 3000 kilometers.  Our advanced cyclists will log over 4000 kilometers. As the season progesses so does the average speed of the group. This will be at the discression of the Ride Captain based on who is on the ride.

In 2018 alone our group cycled a total of over 100,000 kilometers.  Our top 15 cyclists accounted for 80,000 kilometers.

Co-Founders in Chicago 2013

The Metric Century Cycling Group (MCCG) is all about metric century rides.  We will work with cyclists to build their endurance and speed so they can finish their first Group metric century and be eligible to wear the MCCG jersey.  Once you have one metric century under your belt you then plan to do one every month.  Our average metric century ride is at a 4 hour pace including rest stops. This is not a race but it should be done in a respectable time.  We will have a slightly slower pace for first time centurions. We start as a group and finish as a group. 

The MCCG is not for cyclists wishing to ride at high speeds, or for those looking to go out for a casual Sunday ride, or those wishing to ride for 6 hours or more.  This is about teamwork and comradery with safety as our number one concern. We work on group riding techniques and communication skills. We encourage individuals to train with others at the same skill level to bring their endurance and speed up to an entry level average of 25 kph for 60 minutes.

​MCCG Group Rides are sanctioned with Ontario Cycling Association (OCA). Every Group Ride will be led by a Ride Captain. Our 2019 cycling season runs from April 30th to October 5th. For 2019 all rides will be out of the Vollmer Complex in LaSalle.

The MCCG started off with two childhood friends in 2012 looking to lose weight and get more active.  Their dedication to push themselves to not only do one but rather three metric century rides inspired others to follow suit.  In 2013 the MCCG was formed as a Social Group with a total of 40 followers and 18 dedicated cyclists.  The rest is history.   

John Raco &  Julian Lunardi

About the MCCG

The MCCG Co-founders